Dogs are popular pets among families. Many people now treat dogs as members of the family. They love them, feed them, care for them and love them as if they are born members of the family. This should be the case especially with the laws governing animal cruelty being imposed in most countries around the world.

There are people who actually take care of dogs for business. They have them bred and sold to people who would want a pet. There are those who choose a certain breed. But the question about dog breeds may arise. There are dogs that are purebred while there are those that are mixed. How will one know if the dog is a purebred? There are two things that will answer the question:

1) Purebred dogs are those dogs included in a present dog breed. What is meant by a dog breed is a type of dog that is bred for a purpose by people. Their purpose is to do some tasks like hunting, guarding and herding. When these dogs are bred, they will produce a herd that also perform tasks as to how their ancestors perform. Their pedigree should be included in the stud book to be considered as purebred.

2) The stud book that was mentioned earlier should be registered with a breed organization to determine if the dog is a purebred or not.

The dog breeds vary and caring for them effectively means caring for them depending on their needs. In order for the dogs to reach and grow to its full potential will require knowing their breed, knowing their needs, loving them and caring for them unconditionally. The rewards are priceless once they return the favor of your kindness to them.

Thinking about getting a pet? Always think twice if you are ready and capable of the task. Caring for a dog is such a big responsibility. It will take more than just feeding and bathing them. It includes walking them, playing with them, bringing them to the vet regularly and providing them the basics like food, water and a clean and comfortable place to sleep on.

If you want to get a dog, think if you are ready, then if you are, it is best to gather a research on the dog breed that you want and if you are willing to invest your time, money, effort and love on them.