A dog is man’s best friend, and Shih Tzus are one of them. It’s a type of dog breed popular among many celebrities like Beyoncé and Nicole Richie, as well as famous personalities like Queen Elizabeth and Bill Gates. It seems that anyone that can come in a close encounter with these cute creatures would definitely fall in love with them.

The breed shih-tzu ranks among the top 20 famous breeds in the world. In the United States of America, there is an organization that gathers Shih Tzu owners, providing help for their beloved pets. But why do Americans love Shih Tzu? What qualities does this kind of breed have that makes it irresistibly adorable?

You will surely love their hair

Have you seen a lost wig running around? No, it’s not a missing wig; it’s a shih-tzu. You can see by the length of their hair. It grows straight and long, which makes it very easy to style. Most owners would trim and style their hair for dog shows and other dog events. But their hair alone makes them so adorable. It is soft and fluffy, you can’t help but cuddle them.

They want to snuggle

These dogs are sweet and lovable, and they want to snuggle right at your side or sit on your lap all the time. They like to follow you wherever you go, always demand a spot right beside you. They are your perfect companion, which every dog owner wants.

Their soft and fluffy fur and cute looking face make them more irresistible to cuddle. Who wouldn’t want to hug that soft furry creature when they ask you to?

They know how to ask

These cute and cuddly friends are not shy to tell you what they want. They would beg to make cute faces and do anything to get your attention. So they require more attention from you, but that won’t give you any problem because they want to snug like a baby and stay put. They will not bother you at all.

They will surely make you relax

If you want to relax and stay cool inside your home, these cute companions are perfect. That is why they are an ideal match to people who are sedentary. Unlike other dogs, they don’t require more exercise and excessive runs, but they love to play. Their presence alone makes you want to relax and feel comfortable, relieving all the stress you had the whole day.

When you get home, they are always happy to see you. They will greet you happily, welcoming you back from all days’ work. So who wouldn’t want to have that? You got a companion, a friend, and a toy-like pet, a complete stress reliever.